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Fujitsu, a big name in Japanese technology, has initiated the Web3 Acceleration Program.

Fujitsu will give startups the tools they need to make “Web3 applications and services” through its Web3 Acceleration Program.

Fujitsu, a Japanese multinational company that makes and sells equipment and services for information and communication technology, is starting a Web3 Acceleration Program.

Fintech Times reported on February 8 that the platform will offer high-computing technologies, APIs for services based on blockchain, and a place to build “Web3 applications and services.”

In particular, Web3 startups, Fujitsu partner companies, and universities can use the program.

Fujitsu’s Web3 Acceleration Program aims to create an environment where users can build Web3 applications that focus on business transactions, digital content proper management, contracts, and processes.

Fintech Times reported Fujitsu Web3 users can use “Fujitsu’s advanced computer technologies and applications.” These resources enable simulations, A.I., and “combinatorial optimization applications” using trusted data.

When talking about the program, TC3 K.K. founder and CEO Yoshito Sudo noted:

We are excited about the launch of the Fujitsu Web3 Acceleration Platform. Our company helps enterprises to build digital products and AI engines by working with global gig economies. By participating in the Fujitsu Web3 Acceleration Platform, we plan to prototype Web3 application services and DAO community services.

Fujitsu’s announcement said that its Web3 service would focus on three main ideas: “realization of a co-creation society through decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO); rights management and use of digital content; and realization of digital trust.”

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The program will start in March, and only Japanese startups and other companies will be able to join. The company discussed its plans to grow internationally “later this year.”

On top of that, the company wants to hold “a global planning and development contest” to build decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) communities and other Web3 services.

It’s important to note that companies worldwide are becoming more interested in Web3. Toyota Motor said it would work with Astar Network, a layer-1 blockchain company based in Japan, to host its first Web3 hackathon.


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