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Top 5 Metaverse Startups to Track in February

The word “metaverse” has become very popular in recent years. It became more popular after Facebook changed its name to Meta. As more and more tech giants started to show interest in the Metaverse, a lot of money began to flow into it. Dealroom says that in 2022, European metaverse startups raised about $666 million. This is a big jump from 2021 when they only raised $143 million.

Here are the top 5 Metaverse Startups to Watch out for in February

1. PlayersOnly

PlayersOnly is the world’s first ecosystem for Web2 and Web3 sports. It lets athletes, teams, fans, and brands talk to each other and builds a global community. But it all starts with social media, which gives every athlete in the world a chance to do well by giving them a place to show off their skills.

2. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual gaming world made by users where players can create their games, own them, and make money. It has three main parts: a Voxel editor software (Voxedit), a Marketplace, and a Game Maker. Players can move their items from one game to another without affecting their digital scarcity, security, or authenticity.

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3. Hadean

Hadean runs an open platform for distributed cloud computing that can power virtual worlds. From running virtual events and hosting networking conferences to playing Web3 games and running virtual events. But the company gives creators the tools they need to build metaverse experiences and profit from them. It has made deals with companies like Sony and Minecraft to work together.

4. Crucible

Crucible lives up to its name by letting users store everything related to the MMetaverse in one safe place. One of the startups in the MMetaverse uses WebVR to add VR technology to the regular web. In addition to the points above, Crucible shows how important it is to have a free metaverse that anyone can access in different ways.

5. Ikonz

Ikonz is a new company in the Metaverse that allows people to make money in this new online space. It is trying to bring some of the most famous icons and intellectual properties to the Metaverse using NFTs. It is an expert at guiding users through the many problems of scaling up and making money in the Metaverse.


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