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5 New DeFi projects that will get a lot of Attention in 2023

Decentralized finance is trying to recover after a few decentralized exchanges collapsed in late 2022, causing market chaos. Blockchain technology has worked flawlessly and attracted record numbers of users and investors despite the recent price drops of significant cryptocurrencies. Here take a look at 5 New DeFi projects in 2023

In the DeFi space, there are always new decentralized apps, or dApps, that help people who want to manage their money transparently and independently. Layer-1 blockchains have a lot of potentials, especially since Ethereum is struggling with popularity. NFTs get everyone’s attention and pave the way for the tokenization of everyday assets. Other buzzing dApps give users more privacy and practices to make money that wasn’t possible in traditional finance.

This article has compiled a list of 5 DeFi projects that are doing well and could make waves in the blockchain industry in 2023.


Bolide. Fi is a self-custody DeFi yield optimization platform with a simple user interface and the “deposit on the go” philosophy. It takes BTC, ETH, stablecoins, and other cryptocurrencies as deposits. Under the hood, Bolide. Fi has innovative AI strategies that automate the tedious tasks of yield farming and reduce risks. This protects end users from temporary losses and liquidations.

Bolide has one of the highest APYs for single-asset deposits, giving thousands of users passive income without limiting their assets. There are no lock-up periods or limits on how much you can deposit. All the money invested is kept as collateral and can be taken out at any time. Hacken has already checked the platform, and a second check is going on to ensure that smart contracts are safe.

Bolide’s native token, $BLID, which has a stable market price because of the “buy back and burn” token strategy, is used to pay all yield back to protocol users. Bolide. Fi is one of the few go-to retail DeFi products on the market because it is healthy and easy to use.

In 2023, Bolide wants to be an utterly cross-chain product with unique features for the community. This will help it reach its primary goal, which is to give customers the highest possible APY with the least risk.


In Asia, Everscale has become known as one of the best PoS blockchain networks over the past two years. Technically, it is the fifth-generation layer-1 solution, which brings together the most advanced technologies in the industry.

One thing that makes Everscale stand out is its infinite sharding mechanism, which lets the network handle any load without affecting how it works. This ability has led to a thriving ecosystem that includes GameFi, DeFi, microtransactions, remittance services, infrastructure for stablecoins, and more.

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Everscale recently announced that it had strategically teamed up with the Venom Ventures Fund. Everscale and Venom, the first licensed blockchain in the ADGM, will start working together on business development and blockchain development as part of the partnership.

Nimbus Platform

Nimbus combines the tools used in traditional finance with DeFi to change the way fintech will be used in the future. At the moment, 15 different ways for DeFi to make money are available on the platform and are easy to get to. Nimbus is the first time a bank controls a DeFi institution. The project puts safety first and has been checked 29 times in the years it has been going on.

Nimbus Platform released a set of tools last year that was even better than those made by DeFi. Smart NFTs is one of them. Smart NFTs are assets that make money from internal and external staking streams or limited partners (LPs), making it possible to diversify with just one product. So far, there are two types of Smart NFTs: Smart Staker and Smart LP. The latter gives you a chance to get cash quickly. Both are appealing because they offer up to 60% APR rewards, spread out the risk, and let you get to them with just one click.

Nimbus NFT rewards are made on the spot, and the rewards can be redeemed when the NFT is burned. Think of it as the crypto version of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and other financial derivatives.

Nimbus is a relatively new project but is increasing and staying on track with its roadmap. Since the platform has already attracted almost 60,000 members, it is worth looking into in 2023, mainly since it has survived the latest bear market storm.


Panther lets people use DeFi privately and legally. After v1, DeFi users can anonymously transact and transfer assets. Panther’s zero-knowledge primitives can be used for KYC checks, selective disclosures between trusted parties, personal identification, voting, and data verification.

In December this year, the Panther DAO released version 0.5 of the protocol. It lets people who own $ZKP earn rewards and help Panther test the features that make Multi-Asset Shielded Pools more private (MASPs). Version 0.5 also allows personal mint assets 1:1 collateralized versions of crypto assets.

Panther announced in January that it would soon integrate with DEX to enable private atomic swaps on Uniswap, Quickswap, and Curve on Polygon. Therefore, users can access a market worth billions of dollars without their DeFi strategies being copied or disclosed.

Panther also said that this “DeFi Adaptors” technology would give private access to NFT markets, lending protocols, and other products related to DeFi. Panther’s solution for protecting privacy will also be built into blockchain ecosystems like Avalanche, Near, Elrond, and Flare. Panther’s Twitter is an excellent place to find out what’s going on with the game.

X10 Agency

Finally, X10 Agency offers crypto marketing. The agency team builds well-known brands, thriving communities, and excitement among blockchain and cryptocurrency investors. X10 Agency has worked on over 100 Web3 projects since 2016, including the DeFi, hit Bifrost.

DeFi receives complete crypto startup and long-term support from X10 Agency. This includes DeFi setup and auditing, marketing, PR, community management, listing, market making, legal framework advice, and promotion in Asian markets like China, Korea, and Japan.

The DeFi market is changing and has room for growth, according to X10 Agency research. More strong projects are starting, and some are already underway.


The DeFi industry is increasing and very competitive, so it may be hard to keep up with all the innovations worth keeping an eye on.

Some of the projects above are still in their early stages, while others have already become significant players. The developers intended to provide people with brand-new financial tools and eliminate the most significant obstacles to Web3’s prosperity.

Because of this, they will likely become the town’s talk soon!

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