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Kazakhstan is the world’s third largest Bitcoin miner.

Kazakhstan has held the third-largest Bitcoin mining position for more than a year.

Kazakhstan remains the world’s third-largest Bitcoin (BTC) miner.

According to information provided by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, Kazakhstan is responsible for 13.22% of Bitcoin’s hash rate as of January 2022. Before Kazakhstan on the list are the United States (37.84%) and China (21.11%).

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Kazakhstan the largest Bitcoin miner entered the list of the top three Bitcoin miners for the first time in February 2021 and maintained its position throughout the year.

According to additional data, Kazakhstan’s expected absolute hash rate is 24.8 exhashes per second (Eh/s) on a monthly basis. China added 36.9 Eh/s, whereas the United States supplied 71 Eh/s.

Georgia has the most Bitcoin (BTC) miners in the US, with 30.8% of hash rates. Texas has 11.2% unemployment and Kentucky has 10.9%.

Russia, Malaysia, Iran, Canada, Ireland, and Germany are also major Bitcoin miners.

“There is scant evidence of large-scale mining operations in Germany or Ireland to support these numbers,” the researchers noted. VPN or proxy services to redirect IP addresses undoubtedly inflate their percentage.”

At the end of September, Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said he may consider crypto-to-cash conversion if demand is high.

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