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Earn Your Income In Crypto By Playing Games

Earn your income in crypto by playing games.  Gaming started as a hobby, but with YouTube, streaming, and eSports, it has become a promising career path. The job does not come without problems, though. First, research shows that it takes more time than a real job (the average is 10) and ends much sooner (the average retirement age is 25). Also, the long hours can lead to injuries that last for a long time. Some professional gamers make videos for YouTube or Twitch, but these have problems. When people use these platforms to create content, they have to follow strict rules, follow copyright laws, and rely on sponsorships. All of these things also need powerful, expensive PCs.

That’s why making money by playing games needed a change. This is what decentralization and crypto offer. “Play-to-earn” (P2E) is a revolutionary new way to play games that combines decentralization, gaming, and making money. With P2E, a user can play a game and get tokens or assets that can be sold. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the name for these assets, which can be traded for real money. The best thing about P2E gaming is that it is decentralized, meaning no one has power over how much money a player makes. Instead, a player’s earnings go straight to their wallet, and that player is in charge of those funds.

The P2E genre is rough around the edges and not very polished right now, except for one game called K4Rally that stands out from the rest. K4Rally is an interesting rally-based P2E game that uses two tokens that can be sold and a lot of different NFTs. The first token in the ecosystem is K4R, which is the primary token that can be traded and used as money. $K4R can be used in many ways to buy goods, cars, drivers, and stake tokens. BRL is the second token. $BRL is a unique token showing how much players have experienced in the game. The more you play K4Rally, the more BRL you get, which you can use to improve your cars and team members.

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K4Rally and their NFTs are the start of a new way to make money. In traditional games, you spend money on things you can’t sell that aren’t worth anything. In K4Rally, you play the game to earn NFTs, which then help you. The NFTs are set up so people can play and make money simultaneously. Here’s an example of someone who plays K4Rally: The player will get a free training car when they start the game. This training car will have less power than average, but it will be a step toward getting better and making more money. Users can use their training cars to compete against other users or play by themselves to earn K4R tokens. Players can buy their first NFT rally car with K4R without much trouble. The user could then work to improve their car and driver, which would make them more valuable. You can also race against other people to get the best rewards and be the best. A user could also try to get the best driver, rally team, and rally car by upgrading them with $BRL and making them more prominent.

K4Rally ends with an ecosystem based on the freedom to earn money and play games. Users can interact with the ecosystem differently, focusing on progression, competition, or economics. By leveling up, selling cars and team members, and winning races, you can make real money that can change your life. No matter how a user interacts with K4Rally, the project is meant to give the player economic benefits. In traditional games, practice is the only thing a player gets out of playing. When you play K4Rally, you get fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Once a player has reached a certain level, they can start selling their NFTs to other players. This makes the game more accessible and gives them a lot of money. Players could also bet their tokens and assets in pools that pay them money without having to do anything.

Because you can play K4Rally in your browser, you don’t need a powerful PC. Even an old Chromebook could run it. K4Rally is ready to take over the world and only requires a few things to work. Real rally drivers agree that the gameplay is exciting, which makes for a natural and rewarding experience. K4Rally is coming in the second quarter of 2022. Sign up for the closed beta if you want to make money playing games.


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