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Debtors of FTX demand cooperation from SBF’s closest advisors.

In the US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, FTX and its creditors have asked for a subpoena to get back assets that were moved.

The request filed asks for a written order for Sam Bankman-closest Fried’s advisors, to help with ongoing investigations by giving information.

The main goal of the bankruptcy proceedings is to find and protect the estate assets that belong to FTX and its investors.

The legal document says that some Bankman-closest Fried’s friends have agreed to give information. These people are Zhe “Constance” Want, the COO of FTX Trading, and Joseph Bankman, Sam’s Bankman-father. Fried’s

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Aside from Sam Bankman-Fried, former FTX group CTO Gary Wang and Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison have turned down requests for information.

Sam’s mother, Barbara Fried, has not responded to any requests.

But the filing mentioned what Sam Bankman-Fried had said before.

Mr. Samuel Bankman-Fried has publicly stated that he “ha<s> a duty to talk to people,” to “explain what happened,” to “do everything <he> can to try and do what’s right,” and to “try and help customers.”

Yet, FTX group co-founders Nishad Singh and Gabriel Bankman-Fried haven’t done much to help or respond to the bankruptcy proceedings that are still going on.

The filing says that FTX’s first management already had evil ways of keeping records and the company safe. Also, this lack of cooperation has made it harder to get the money back.

The document says that the subpoenas are meant to get back many more estate assets that were moved before FTX went bankrupt.

In the filing, they also say that courts often order former executives and advisors to give information when there is a bankruptcy case. So, it is likely that the same thing will happen in the FTX case.

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